O’Connors’ Famous Pub: Washed Up in Salthill

Time: 6:30-10pm | Address: O’Connors’ Famous Pub, Upper Salthill, Galway, Ireland | Contact: 086 222 8598

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Salthill’s been a unique centre for entertainment, inspiration and relaxation for the people of Galway and their visitors since the 19th Century. Originally a Victorian seaside spa, Salthill became the centre for dancing in the mid-20th century, with thousands of dance-goers cycling dozens of miles to dance in the Hangar Ballroom in the forties and fifties. By the 1960’s Salthill hosted the Dubliners, the Clancy Brothers and the Wolf Tones, and when Discos took over, Salthill embraced the new era with a dozen nightclubs…all gone now. Today the Salthill scene is much more gourmet restaurant and cocktail bar. Whatever the trend, the Salthill families that arrived in the 1950’s are still here today…including the O’Connors who came here in 1940. Here is the story of those families who entertained us all through the twentieth century… this story and many others will be told by Brian Nolan, folklorist and story-teller, around the 300 year old fireplace in this iconic pub.


Salthill House