Culture Ship in The Claddagh: Music With Shiftwork on the Bonny Roy

Time: 6-9pm | Address: Claddagh Quay, Galway, Ireland | Contact: 087 228 8760



The Bonny Roy is an historic craft, built in Arklow at the legendary Tyrrell yard. The Bonny Roy now happily resides in The Claddagh, owned by Sean T Ó Sallaigh. On Culture Night the Bonny Roy presents an evening of music with Shiftwork, a ridiculously charming trio who play quirky, haunting and strangely beautiful songs. Their duelling and harmonising vocals touch on important topics such as three day rollovers, semi–perilous late night cycling and unrequited lust. Shiftwork are Susan Hurley (Attention Bébé) Vocals, Guitar, percussion; Lucie O’flynn (Téada Orchestra, Sacrebleus Band) Violin, vocals and Finn Mcgeough: Vocals, guitar.

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